West Midlands Principles, Protocol and Practice Standards 2014

This protocol has been agreed across the 7 West Midlands Authorities through the 7 LSCB Boards with the West Midlands Police Force, Chief Executives and Directors of Children’s Services, and NHS partners.

It must be used in conjunction with the statutory requirements in Working Together to Safeguard Children 2013, which provides the relevant underpinning legislation. The flow chart all parties are required to follow is attached as appendix 1. Working Together also sets out the part each agency/statutory partner has to play and the steps they need to take. It
also takes account of the expectations on schools in Guidance on Safeguarding in Education March 2014.

It provides a set of principles, a shared protocol and a set of practice standards which all 7 Boards can use to govern local arrangements, provide consistency of expectation and practice and be used to performance manage and assure local partners as to the effectiveness of the system.

Each Board will work locally with partners to ensure that business processes, administrative arrangements, audit practice, quality assurance and staff training and learning supports compliance with the protocol and standards. They may also add detail where that aids local practice but should not remove any of the required standards or principles.

Desired Outcomes
Safer children, good information and communication, risk informed decision making, realistic plans, clear and shared responsibilities, clear outcomes, explicit timescales, with children and families who know who is doing what, why, how progress will be measured, what they have to do themselves and what will happen if they don’t.

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