Sector Led Improvement

Sector Led Improvement is what all of our regional work is about.  We collaborate to provide help, support and ideas to each other.  On top of this general approach we also use both quantitative and qualitative information alongside softer intelligence to identify when Local Authorities are in need of support.

Much of this work is carried out through the Children’s Improvement Board, who are made up of Lead Members, Chief Executives, Directors of Children’s Services and LSCB Chairs, supported by Claire Burgess, who has been contracted to work in the region in 2014-2015.

We have been refining and improving the information available to the Board.  A datapack is produced 6 monthly, which sits alongside a Performance of the Region Report

The Board also drives the Peer Challenge Process which started over the summer with Local Authorities writing their self assessments.


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CIB Signatures of Risk

Children’s leaders collaborate to drive improvement in services (12.10.15) – via Children and Young People Now