Protocol for identifying, supporting and challenging risk and underperformance in Children’s Services in the West Midlands

As sector led improvement (SLI) across the region has developed and matured there has been increasing acknowledgement for the need to set out a process that is agreed and owned by Chief Executives, Directors of Children’s Services, Lead Members for Children’s Services and regional Local Government Association (LGA) sector support for identifying:

  • How data and information on performance is collected and presented as part of the regional data pack and regional and local authority dashboards
  • How this information is shared and used to identify:
    • regional priorities for improvement and areas for development
    • local authorities facing performance challenges or areas of strategic risk
    • brokering of bespoke support through the regional SLI arrangements and regional and national LGA sector support offer.

The drive for improvement is underpinned by a collective responsibility for the sector as a whole in the region. As SLI  has become more systematic and embedded in the region we have developed a coherent and consistent approach at a regional level, based on common principles and priorities, clear systems, roles and responsibilities and illustrated through our  SLI Model and West Midlands Improvement Plan 2014-15.  The area we have not easily developed has been agreed principles for information sharing and identification of ‘early support’ needs.

This protocol aims to set out the key principles and processes for information sharing across West Midlands Local Authority Children’s Services.

You can read the full document here