DCS Lead: Richard Hancock, Staffordshire

During 2013-2014 we put a lot of energy into improving how we collect and share performance information.  This work has been taken forward and we are now clear how Performance Information will support our regional and local work.  This is vital to our work on sector led improvement and without the collation and analysis of regional data we would not be able to identify and work with those who need support.  Therefore we have agreed that we will collect and share performance information as follows:

performance pyramid


  • Performance Scorecard – currently in development to supplement the above and present data succinctly. More information here for subscribers.
  • Regional Datapack – collated and updated every 6 months.  This includes both published and locally collected information across the spectrum of  Children’s Services. Website subscribers can access the reports here
  • Regional benchmarking information – collected through the Social Care Data Group, Education Data Group, SEN Leads and Workforce Network.  This information is used at all levels through organisations, up to the relevant Assistant Director Networks and the ADCS Network. The benchmarking will be available online from 2015-2016 for instant access and usage.

We have now agreed most of the indicators for the 2015-2016 regional dataset – you can find the full spreadsheet here.

We also share information from Ofsted as follows:

Useful sources of information

Local Authority Interactive Tool (used for Datapack)

Public Health Benchmarking Tool (used for Datapack)


LG Inform – can be used to create bespoke reports