Our objectives: Where will the West Midlands be by 2021?

What is our vision and what are our priorities for Children’s Services in the West Midlands?

We recently set ourselves the goal of becoming the best performing region for Children’s Services in the country by 2021. At the core of this ambition is a desire to help make a real difference to children and families – putting them at the heart of everything we do and driving the changes needed to make this difference.

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How are we going to achieve this?

That’s why we’ve identified four priorities that we’re focussing on to help us achieve this vision. These are:

  • Developing our workforce
  • Improving quality of practice
  • Managing risk and demand
  • Better education, skills and economic outcomes

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This is where our FutureSocial programme comes in – a regional social work academy combining workforce planning, workforce development, regional career development, career pathways and support arrangements, aimed at working with Local Authorities to encourage pooling resources and capability to build workforce capacity and capability at regional level.


You can read more about Futuresocial here.


Collaboration across all 14 local authorities is key in helping us get there – that’s why the WMADCS Programme Team are here to help and share the load for the various Children’s Services networks in contributing to the overall performance of these targets. Get in touch with us at wmadcs@solihull.gov.uk