Agency Social Worker Role Profiles

These are the Job Roles for Agency Workers that we have agreed in the West Midlands

1. Newly Qualified Social Worker – following the national definition.  NB We do not expect to recruit many NSQWs

2. Social Worker – This is the practitioner role, expected to undertake cases independently and demonstrating an ability to adapt the approach from first principles to deal with more complex or unusual cases, assessing and managing risks appropriately. The worker must have completed all ASYE requirements.

3. Senior Social Worker – This is an experienced practitioner role, with specific responsibilities for dealing with more complex cases, including assessment and appropriate management of risks and providing casework supervision to other team members.  Holds caseload of more complex cases: provides advice to other Social Workers in relation to their cases. Provides casework supervision to other Social Workers in the team and may also supervise students, trainees, less experienced professional team members, support staff or volunteers.  Act as a recognised expert within the specialist field.

4. Advanced Social Worker/Consultant/Senior Practitioner – This role is that of technical authority in social care practice (in relation to either children and young people or adults) in the local authority with acknowledged depth of expertise, including the assessment and appropriate management of risk. The role focuses on developing effective practice through direct development of others and through driving practice improvement across the service by actively participating in process/procedure and policy/strategy development. The role may involve dealing with the most complex cases, partly in order to maintain credibility and experience in the field.

5. Team Manager – as per the standard expectation