Social Work Regional Agency Appointment Log and Standardised Reference

The Social Work Regional Agency Appointment Log is managed by Walsall MBC on

behalf of the Local Authorities across the West Midlands.

What it is

The premise is that a central record of all Agency Social Workers operating in the region is available, and that as such we can support agency workers when and if they move around in the region. The Appointment Log relies on input from the Social Worker and no information is held about them without their consent. In addition to this all Local Authorities have signed an information sharing protocol, confirming that any information they share on individual workers is done so within correct guidelines.

Standardised Reference

The standardised reference is an enhancement to the Appointment Log; and will help ensure that Local Authority staff will complete references appropriately and in a timely manner. Local Authority contacts will be sent a reference template once an engagement is made, and at the end of the placement they will be asked to complete it and send it to the worker’s agency.

Walsall and the Appointment Log Office will not hold a copy of the reference itself, but will know which agency to signpost an employer/contractor who requests such a reference. Agencies are not required to use the standard template but are asked to ensure the questions asked within are reflected in any other template they use. You can download a copy of the reference here.

Appointment Log Promotional Toolkit

Here you can find information about our campaign to encourage Agency Workers to sign up.