Performance Tooklit – LSCB Specific Information

1.  Eastern Region LSCB Performance Management Handbook: written in early 2013 prior to new ofsted guidance, some of the principles of LSCB performance management are still as valid.

2. LSCB evidence base – intelligence and core dataset: Compiled by Greater Manchester and WM LSCBs, this compendium of possible evidence/data sources for LSCBs under 10 outcome areas provides a suggested small dataset and further detailed information which individual agencies may collect or the LSCB may receive on a summary basis.

3. Ofsted’s Data Requirements for Single Inspections

4. WM LSCB data workshop presentation24 Feb 2014

5 .Examples of outcomes frameworks and performance reports/scorecards

6. Templates:

  • Challenge questions “Is our performance management and quality assurance robust”. Excerpt from ER LSCB performance management handbook. A very quick way for your LSCB to check how robust your performance management is.
  • Forward plan: This is a way for the LSCB (especially the QA/Performance sub-group to plan in what evidence it will receive throughout the year so that information is timely (for example, adoption scorecards data in January; Private Fostering in June after submission of LA data to DfE; thematic performance reports around topics such as offending, toxic trio, views and wishes of CYP, equality (vulnerable groups).
  • LSCB Annual Report template – providing a checklist for reviewing whether an Annual Report covers all it needs to and provides evidence of impact. This can be used on a peer support basis at draft annual report stage, or part of QA processes.
  • Attendance at LSCB meetings: A simple excel sheet which will record attendance at LSCB meetings through the year and do the calculations of % attended so that it can be incorporated into the Annual Report easily.
  • Named officers and current performance management provision: A matrix to record who the information leads for each agency is and the availability of data, to support creation of a ‘virtual’ performance team for the LSCB.
  • Partnership working management information: a template which can be used to capture the level of activity across services from EHA/CAF to core groups and engagement in LSCB activity, to be used in conjunctions with above.
  • Public services – results of inspections and % good or better. Template to identify any areas for concern arising from inspection and draw together judgements from inspection across the whole local area to provide a view of quality of provision.
  • Example 1 and 2 of summary performance report to the main Board from the QA/Performance group. These examples provide two options for reporting a range of evidence which will have been discussed and triangulated at the QA/Performance group and presented to the main board as a summary. Version 2 follows the outcome areas of the core intelligence framework.

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