Performance Toolkit

Performance management provides a systematic approach to managing and improving people, resources, processes and activities to achieve objectives, based on a range of intelligence. This can only succeed if there is access to robust, timely evidence and data.In the West Midlands, we embarked on an ambitious Strategic Performance Project during 2013-14, commissioning an Associate with performance management expertise from the IEWM Framework to work with the region. As a result, we have a Performance Management Toolkit for use by the region, and which can be accessed from this page.The toolkit provides a range of guidance and tools that LA Children’s Services and LSCBs can use. It has the following sections:
It has been developed using expertise and examples of good practice within the region and nationally to help people to learn from each other, recognising that not all LAs or LSCBs are at the same stage in their development of effective performance management.  Strong LAs/LSCBs will develop their own performance management framework to suit their local context. This toolkit therefore includes a performance management diagnostic tool to assist in assessing the robustness of LAs’ performance and data management arrangements. T