Notifications Portal Project Plan

Dudley has identified a solution that has potential to deliver a consistent and effective approach and has proposed sharing their local solution regionally or nationally.  It is a simple solution that builds on the increasing use by a number of LAs of a system known as a Portal which works in a similar way to a post box; where Local Authority 1 will submit a form into the system, the system notifies Local Authority 2, who go into the system to retrieve the form.  Local Authorities will identify up to 5 people in their organisation who have access to the system and will be alerted when some information is shared with them.  Template forms will be available and can be completed either manually or through integration with some case management systems.

Benefits of the proposed solution  
Secure way of sharing information Simple system to adopt System is flexible and adaptable
Standardised/Consistent process and information shared across region (or nationally ultimately) Should be easier than current protocols A system that enhances capabilities
Addresses key regulatory requirements

West Midlands ADCS have expressed support for this project; and we are now in the implementation stage.


 These are the proposed stages of implementation.

What When Status
Discussion with Social Care ADs and Strategic Commissioning Network.  Social Care ADs will be the key group to drive this project forward. July Initial discussions complete.  Progress discussion planned for 18/9
Awareness raising starts to take place through regional communications August Initial awareness raising taken place.  Item about training to take place in next newsletter.
Discussion at Social Care ADs to confirm how we will roll out the project.  It is suggested that it is used initially for OLA Notifications where there is a statutory requirement to notify, although this is up for debate as the system can process any information. September Meeting on 18 September
Training will take place on how to use the system October Training date 7 October.  Book here
Pages developed on the WM ADCS website to support implementation September You are reading them!
Post training issues addressed End October awaiting wrap up session
Usernames and Log Ons issued During October  in progress
Go Live Date –  1 November  
Review of implementation takes place in January 2015 January

 Project Team

  • Martin Samuels, Lead DCS
  • Polly Reed, Project Lead
  • Roy Perrett & Martin Quinn, Specialist Advisors
  • John McHale, IT Specialist/System Set Up
  • Kelly Hughes, Superuser


  • Numbers of LAs signed up
  • Number of notifications shared
  • Number of project areas used.

Baselines to be collected on Go Live Date


  • IEWM and Dudley have agreed to run the system as a trial in the first instance.  In the longer term it is likely a small charge will be levied to all partners who use it.