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This project has now been superceded by the ADCS national project looking at the same issue.  You can find information about our national approach here

DCS Lead: Martin Samuels, Staffordshire

Partnership working is key to improving outcomes for children and young people.  All organisations need to share information about children and young people securely to keep them and their personal data safe.  This can be across or within Local Authority areas.

Dudley MBC via the Directors in the West Midlands have devised a solution to this issue. Read all about the project here. A training session took place on 7 October.  You can see the presentation here.  If you would like access to the Portal please contact Polly Reed.

Access the portal here

How to Guide/ FAQs coming soon

Quick Rules for using the system

  • Please include your LA name in the file name of the file you upload – so the downloaders know who to contact
  • Remember to upload files in the folder named with the LA they are destined for
  • Remember not to let anyone else have access to your log on.  If they need access they can register for an account themselves by following the link above
  • Remember to let the destination LA (or partner)  know by email or another means that there is something uploaded for them (we are working to automate this part of the system)
  • If you are not sure which Local Authority you need to notify you can use this website (please select education authority to find a LA with Children’s Services responsibility)

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