Protocol for the engagement of Social Work Agency Staff (2017-18)

WMADCS Regional Social Worker Agency Communications Note – Effective April 1st 2017

January 2017 saw the second anniversary of the memorandum of understanding that united 14 local authorities across the West Midlands with the introduction and operation of unified pay caps for social work professionals working on a temporary basis within the regions’ Children’s’ Services departments. The work has been co-ordinated via the WMADCS (West Midlands Association for the Directors of Children’s Services) and has been supported by IEWM (Improvement and Efficiency West Midlands). Having identified that the accelerating pay rates had seen an increase in pay rates of 30% over the previous 18 months prior to the caps introduction the market was heading towards an unsustainable position. The caps to date have realised around £10 million against forecasted rates across the region. This communication sets out revisions to the protocol for the 2017/18 financial year. All changes will come into effect for 1 April 2017.

Download the WMADCS Regional Social Worker Agency Communications Note