How We Manage Performance

Effective use of a range of intelligence at every level within an organisation is more important now than ever in the current climate of reduced funding, increasing need, and a continued sharp focus on improving outcomes for children and young people. In the West Midlands, a regional approach to benchmarking, analysis and discussion about our performance in-year and the practice behind it, will help us at two levels:

  • Children and young people across the region: benchmarking our performance and activity around the services we provide to children and young people and the effectiveness of these to understand How well are we doing?, What is changing?, and Where do we need to improve?
  • Regional sector led improvement: How effective is region-wide support to LAs to help them improve, what should our priorities be for collaboration, and where do we need to target support or can learn from good performers.

The regional intelligence framework lays out how regional structures for Children’s Services in the WM will gather and utilises intelligence to support this. Read it here.

Here is a forward plan of key dates, including those around the production of the quarterly performance reports