Futuresocial: £1.5 million to create caring, committed, and courageous Social Work

WM ADCS are pleased to announce that we have received funding for our ambitious Futuresocial programme, which aims to make the region the best in the country for its children services by 2021.

Through the Department for Education’s Innovation Fund, our Futuresocial programme has received up to £1.5 million to raise the quality, improve the practice, and create the best working conditions for social workers in the region.

WM ADCS is making good strides towards these goals, but partners recognise that collectively more needs to be done. Investing in the quality of all children services staff, whatever organisation they work for, is key to improving children’s services across the region. This fund will allow WM ADCS to move at a faster pace with social work colleagues in the region to achieve our goals.


What is Future Social?


The Futuresocial programme is one of the cornerstones of the WM ADCS’s ambitious programme to improve services for children.

The programme is a collaboration between all 14 Local Authorities/Children’s Trusts in the West Midlands region to end the ‘vicious circle’ of workforce issues being recycled from one authority to another. We aim to do this by working with Local Authorities to encourage pooling resources and capability to build workforce capacity and capability at regional level.

All fourteen Local Authority areas in the West Midlands will benefit from this region wide innovation – a first for the West Midlands.


How will Future Social improve children’s services in the West Midlands?


The Co-Chairs of the WM ADCS, Sally Hodges and Tony Oakman, said:
“This is great news for children, families and partners across the West Midlands. It will give us the opportunity to quicken the pace and increase the scale the changes we want to introduce to social work practice. Ultimately we want to help the profession to flourish, so that the West Midlands becomes a place associated with great social work practice and is a good place to live and work.”
Adam Birchall, Chair of the Principal Social Workers network for the West Midlands, said:
“This is great opportunity to develop children’s social work across the West Midlands. The scope of the project is broad and should help to benefit the lives of our most vulnerable children and improve social work practice across the region.”