Child Sexual Exploitation – 2015 activity

What Local Authorities are doing:

Please note: these are not all new activities as a result of the Jay Report, although many LAs are currently taking stock of their approach in response to the recommendations

1. Briefing

– Member Briefings / Cabinet Meetings / Focus for Scrutiny / Health and Wellbeing Board / including information for opposition/shadow members

– Briefing Council staff including Corporate Leadership Teams and  Social Care Workforce

2. Informing

– Raising awareness of what people should do advice about what they should do if they are concerned about the safety of a child either in relation to CSE or for some other reason – using See Me, Hear Me website

– Sending information to primary and secondary schools and residential homes reminding them how to raise concerns

– Commissioned a drama in secondary schools to raise awareness with teenagers (led to victims coming forward)

– Using the See Something, say something information aimed at hoteliers

– Carrying out training with licensed premises and taxi companies

– Awareness raising through work with local radio (a five day feature on CSE in April 2013)

3. Doing Strategically

– Managing action plan and priorities through Senior Leadership Team

– Bringing together a strategic group of LSCB Chair, Head of Safeguarding/Social Care and Police

– Ensuring delivery and action plans are in place across partners and reviewing them in light of Rotherham recommendations

– Developing a CSE Strategy

– Delivering a multi-agency themed audit on CSE

– Working across police force area’s to ensure joined up approach

– Analysing CSE information through LA Performance Framework which aims to capture trends and activity based on local statistical data

– Identifying the links between missing children and CSE

4. Doing operationally

– Resourcing a CSE coordinator – funded jointly by partners

– Bringing together a response team to offer advice to victims, families and professionals

– Expanding remit of existing CSE team to include missing children

– Putting a CSE team into the MASH

– Making an e-learning package available

– Reviewing cases to ensure CSE is being correctly identified

– Developing training resources with lessons learnt from operations/cases

– Having a dedicated Vulnerable Young People Youth Worker in the Youth Service

– Systematically rolling out return interviews for those who have gone missing and returned

– working with local voluntary organisations who have links with target group

– Developing capability to report against CSE in case management system to enable identification and tracking of children and young people at risk of CSE and support better information sharing


What LSCBs are doing

– Auditing practice (see self assessment template in the resources section below)

– Reviewing  LSCB  multi-agency training package to ensure takes into account See Me Hear Me Framework ,SCR learning and the Independent Rotherham Inquiry

– Embedding in the LSCB the WM Met CSE Standards and protocols to ensure consistent practice and greater awareness

– Introducing a CSE pathway

– Commissioned independent audit of CSE activity

– Having missing children as a LSCB priority

– Publishing learning reports on their websites

– Delivering a joint Safeguarding Annual Conference in 2013 where 250 practitioners attended an event that focused on on-line and on-street grooming

– Analysing LSCB Performance Framework on CSE which aims to capture trends and activity based on local statistical data

– Multi agency case file reviews, single agency case file reviews and specific work to capture the views of young people has been undertaken.

– Working with national hotel chains to deliver awareness raising and training (NB some chains are reluctant to do this)

Resources / Good practice produced by the 7 West Midlands Met Authorities

See Me, Hear Me Website  – gives signs of CSE and where to go for help

CSE Standards and Protocols – not yet received

Self Assessment Template for LSCBs

Dataset provided to the project 

CSE Windscreen

Other Resources/Good practice

Training DVD produced by Dudley young people will be available after 17 October

West Midlands regional notification portal project going live in October as a way of sharing information between LAs

Information from Calderdale LSCB – Storyboard, Members Briefing Note, Multi-agency team roles and responsibilities for CSE, Leaflet for licensed trade,

Other Useful Information

CSN Briefing about the Jay Report – September 2014

Barnados/LGA Guidance about CSE

LGA Resources on CSE

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